Richmond, Texas Pool Filter Cleaning

Pool FiltersThe swimming pool filter catches all the dirt and grime from your swimming pool and it sticks in your filter. Your clean swimming pool water runs through this filter before returning water to the swimming pool. Do you want your swimmming pool water running through this collection of dirt, bacteria, and algae? Another reason you need to clean your swimming pool filter is that a dirty swimming pool filter cannot run efficiently causing higher electric bills, wearing out your swimming pool equipment faster and causing more swimming pool repairs. Proper swimming pool filter cleaning and maintenance at regularly scheduled intervals will keep your swimming pool water cleaner, your swimming pool bills lower, and your swimming pool equipment will need less repairs and will last longer.
Our Services Include:

  • Full filter Disassemble
  • Inspect and clean internal filter tank and component
  • Inspect and Chemically clean Grids or Cartridges
  • Check manifold for cracks
  • Inspect air bleed valve
  • Inspect filter pressure gauge
  • Inspect and lubricate O-Rings ( Tank, Manifold, Inlet and Outlet )
  • Reassemble filter and inspect for proper operation
  • Add the right amount of Diatomaceous Earth for DE filter
  • Record clean filter pressure PSI