Richmond, Texas Full Service Cleaning

Pool Cleaning FUll ServiceSarah’s Pool Services is a full service swimming pool company that provides services and repairs to homes, condominiums, commercial buildings, and gyms throughout Richmond and surrounding areas. We provide top of the line service with top of the line customer care. From maintaining and repairing the swimming pool to communicating with the clients, we take pride in how we do business with our customers.

A swimming pool is always a great addition to any house because it not only provides fun backyard activates but also adds more appeal to your backyard and to your house. It is important that your pool is properly maintained and cleaned regularly to extend the life of your pool and equipment. The team at Sarah’s pool services strives to not only used our combined knowledge to guarantee your pool looks its best, but also are constantly researching new ways we can stand above the rest, and give as much value from our service as possible.

Small Swimming Pool (up to 10,000 gallons) $175 per month
Medium Swimming Pool (up to 20,000 gallons) $200 per month
Large Swimming Pool (up to 30,000 gallons) $220 per month

• Test & maintain proper chemical balance of chlorine (or salt), alkalinity pH, calcium hardness, & stabilizer
• Empty skimmer & pump baskets
• Empty swimming pool cleaner bags
• Brush swimming pool walls including steps and tile line
• Vacuum swimming pool with external commercial size vacuum to remove all settled debris
• Backwash swimming pool filter and add DE monthly or as needed
• Visually inspect swimming pool & equipment for leaks and issues
• Weekly addition of specialty chemicals used for stain prevention, extra clear water, extending filter cycle, & using less chlorine
• A weekly email with a report of water chemistry, chemicals added, services provided, before and after pictures, and an option to leave feedback