Richmond, Texas One Time Cleaning

pool-cleaning-2If your swimming pool has gotten out of control on you, we can get it back into order by performing a one time cleaning so you can resume cleaning it yourself. This process will require anywhere from one to multiple trips to get the water properly balanced and safe for swimming. Sarah’s Pool Service works hard to tailor our service to your needs, creating a custom swimming pool service that keeps you enjoying your swimming pool year round. Service can be performed as frequently as three times a week in some areas, or we can simply do that one task you just can’t stand it’s up to you.

Your swimming pool provides countless hours of entertainment during the warm weather months. But your swimming pool most likely also sees its fair share of action, which means it’s bound to get dirty over time. So if you need a thorough one time pool cleaning service, turn to Sarah’s Pool Cleaning Services. We’re here to provide the cleaning service you need to get your swimming pool looking its best.

  • Small Swimming Pools (up to 10,000 gallons) $100 per visit
  • Medium Swimming Pools (up to 20,000 gallons) $125 per visit
  • Large Swimming Pools (up to 30,000 gallons) $150 per visit