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Sarah’s Pool Services retail store is now open to the public Monday through Saturday: 8am to 6pm and carries a full line of pool chemicals, chlorine tablets, filters, accessories, and much more. With easy access and parking right off of Westpark Frontage Road (FM 1093) near US 99, Sarah’s Pools is family owned and operated with years of experience to help you with all your pool and spa needs.

Sarah’s Pool Services through our on-site pool and spa business has served the Katy, Richmond, and Sugar Land community for well over a decade. We are now bringing that same level of customer service with the Grand Opening of our retail store. Looking for pool chemicals, pumps, heaters, automated pool cleaners? Come into our new retail store and visit with our knowledgeable staff that can help you maintain your pool or spa. We look forward to seeing you at our new location soon.

Chlorine & Bromine

We carry a full line of chlorine and bromine chemicals for the best solution to sanitize your pool. Inquire at our store the best solution for your pool or spa.

Swimming Pool Shock

Swimming Pool Shock comes in a variety of brands and formulas. Shocking your pool can sound intimidating to first time pool owners. Shocking your pool is a simple way to prevent stray algae and bacteria in your pool or spa. Have questions on how often to shock your pool or spa? Visit our store, we are happy to assist.


Algaecides help prevent build up of Algae. There are 4 types of algae, green, yellow, red, and black. Algaecides are formulated to kill certain types. Our staff can help determine what type of Algaecide that is best for your pool and spa to prevent the build up of Algae.

Water Balancers

One question Sarah’s Pool Services gets most often is “How do I balance my pool water?” As your pool chemistry is constantly changing, our retail store has a full line of Water Balancers to maintain proper pH levels.

Pool Clarifier

Cloudy or hazy pool water? We stock the leading brand of Pool Clarifiers that are eco-friendly and can clear up all the fine particles in your water including dirt, oils, and other contaminants.

Chemical Kits

Looking for Chemical Kits to open or close your pool? Our chemical kits comes in a variety for all pool sizes. Ask one of our specialist for choosing the right chemical kit for the best application.

Pool Testing

Our pool test kits provide the perfect way for pool and spa owners to accurately test water and chemical balance.

Chlorine Alternatives

Our pool and spa specialist can help you with alternatives to chlorine. Chlorine is a great way to keep your pool clean, but can also cause irritation to skin and eyes. Come by and speak with us about the many Chlorine Alternatives that can help you enjoy your pool and spa.

Pool Filters & Filter Supplies

Pool Filters helps remove bacteria and contaminants from your pool and spa. Visit our store for a full line of filters and filter supplies.

Pumps & Motors

What is the best pool pump or pool motor? Sarah’s Pool Services Retail Store carries a full line of pumps and motors.

Pool Cleaners

Our retail store stocks a wide variety of suction-side, pressure-side, fully robotic, or broom-style pool cleaners.